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30 Quinlan. Rd, Barrie, L4M7B1 Ontario – Canada

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Benefit the power from the „medicine of the future“

At the Solid Sol Therapy Center you will receive assistance from holistic medicine. Our goal is to help you to activate your own self-healing powers again to achieve a healthy and balanced state.


We are more than just a „modified cluster of cells“

Everything in our universe is made of energy. Every color, every sound has its specific frequency. Also, organs, muscles, bacteria and much more have their own significant vibration. The energy that is primarily worked with in holistic medicine is called „life energy“ (Qi). This life energy in turn has the task of strengthening the self-healing powers of people so that the living system can cope with the demands of everyday life.

This life energy that flows through and around us in the form of vibrations, flows into 3 large containers:

• the aura (morphogenetic field = aura = charisma)

• meridians, energy pathways that cover the entire body, associated with an organ, tooth, muscle, skin area etc. and emotions

• chakras, energy centres, covering the whole surface of the body in various sizes, transforming energy from around.


Balanced, flowing life energy = health

Since it is an energy that should be constantly in motion, we say that energy flows. If it is not flowing we call it a blockage. If these blockages are not resolved, you will become ill. Diseases is the way our body tells us, that his self-healing system got stuck.

Migraine, inflammations, allergies, diabetes, hormonal dysbalances etc. can occur.

Each meridian is also „responsible“ for emotions and keeps them in balance. If there are any blockages in the energy flow, it becomes difficult to react appropriately emotionally to the situation. If the energy flows of several meridians are disrupted, this usually also has a very fast physical effect.

Burn out, stress, leak of concentration, bad memory, frustration are only a few examples what can happen with blocked emotions.

If these energies are brought back into balance, the physical symptoms are also quickly relieved or solved.



the resonance apparatus „Intellectual Medical Systems“    (IMEDIS) - for decades a powerful help for everybody!

The background to resonance therapy:

The organism and its functioning parts send weak electromagnetic waves (physiological vibrations) within a very wide spectral range (from ultra-long waves to vibrations of light, biophotons). In an ideal state these physiological vibrations cause us to feel in harmony - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Through external influences (work, stress, pollution, etc.), these oscillations can become irritated. However, this can be corrected.

Since the ideal vibrations are stored in the Imedis device, the discordant states can be converted back into harmony by the body. Since all of the condition levels of a living being (body, soul, spirit, morphogenetic field) are inseparable, all areas can be compensated in this way.

• The Imedis device offers significantly more possibilities than conventional Bioresonance therapy.  There are not only a much larger number of stored frequencies, but also more types of therapies: endo- and exogenous bioresonance **, electro-acupuncture or magnetic resonances.

• All treatments are completely painless, but you can feel them very clearly in the form of tingling, pulling, heat or cold.

• The exogenous BRT brings selected frequencies into our system that we have stored in the Imedis device or through actual preparations. You thereby not only strengthen the healthy frequencies in the body, so that the organs adapt to this frequency, but you can also delete old, polluting frequencies and therefore release the stress that these old has frequencies have caused in the body.

• With Imedis some special treatments can be performed: e.g. parasite infestation: worms, fungi, bacteria and other single cell organisms (extremely successful in Borrelia, herpes, chlamydia!), infertility and much more.

• The conventional, standard medical therapy is made much more efficient through the use of IMEDIS and the negative side effects are reduced. In many countries of the world Imedis devices can be found in hospitals, pharmacies and medical practices. Originally, this frequency medicine was developed for the space program, since it is not possible to simply „send „ drugs when they are needed.

Imedis is therefore a high-tech medical device!

• At the Solid Sol therapy center, the Imedis device and the special abilities of Nicola Wohlgemuth can now be combined to create a unique form of resonance therapy. In combination with the Rostock-Essences, globules, badges and selected preparations which may be recommended, the client is offered a wide array of comprehensive care resulting in long-term and outstanding success.




The importance of pure water

As the title of the well known book says: „You are not ill – you are thirsty!”

Understanding the importance of pure water for our whole system: our body, our soul, our mind and our energetic field will make the difference for the quality of your life.

The human being consists of about 70% water, not tea, coffee or other juices – even if they were still as healthy and with valuable contents. Besides, every form of energy needs a medium in order to flow. This need is comparable with a car: Even the most extraordinary luxury car will not run if there is no fuel in the tank. Our body also needs „fuel“ - in this case it is water. Any other liquid that you drink, must first be processed by the body. A healthy, stress-free person should drink 3 liters of drinking (tap) water a day so that he can deal with all the demands with which he is confronted during the day. With this amount, the body has enough strength to resist disease.

Those who are struggling with various addictions (tablets, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.), need accordingly more energy and thereby more water. A greater consumption of water reduces the need for the addictive substances and the pleasure sensations subside rapidly.

Furthermore, there is another serious energy robber under our luxury foods: coffee. Per cup, the body needs 1/2 liters of water approximately in order to be able to process the coffee. For the more common “morning mug” a whole liter of water is needed. 



Your therapist: Nicola Wohlgemuth, born 1971

Equipped with a broader spectrum of different talents and abilities than other people, Nicola Wohlgemuth creates an explicable connection between her skills and science.

She has acquired her knowledge with a study of nature, many lectures in the field of medicine, quantum physics, genetics etc. as well as of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the teaching of Indian chakra, Native American traditions and healing methods. Learning the diverse types of massage trained her link between knowledge and its manual application.

In her therapeutic work (for over 25 years) she has convinced people with her ability to accurately perceive the causes of blockages and therefore tailor the therapy to be particularly effective.

With the production of the Rostock-Essences she has sets a milestone in holistic medicine („medicine of the future“). Scientists, researchers, doctors and therapists have learned to appreciate her work, versatility her their bright mind as have medicine men and women of indigenous peoples, herbalists or organic farmers as well.

What nearly everyone realizes when talking to her is her deep and honest respect for all living beings, life itself and the planet on which we live.




therapeutic topics:


no matter what kind of problem -

physical, emotional, mental or energetically

- no matter how long you have had it

- no matter what sort or level a disease

- here you find help


• Burn-out (preventions & solutions)

• allergies (skin or breathing system) like: psoriasis, neuro  dermatitis, hay fever, asthma etc.

• cancer and chemotherapy,

• migraine and headaches

• cerebral dysfunction (stroke, dementia, ADHS etc.)

• metabolic dysfunction (hormonal imbalances, diabetes etc.)

• lack of concentration, memory deficit,

• learning disability, ADD

• disturbance of growth

• desire for child / infertility

• low energetic level, fatigue, tiredness

• panic attacks, fear

• organs of sense: eyes (improvement), ears (tinnitus), etc.

• helping treatment after surgery, broken bones, accidents, wounds, scars

• intensification of common treatments, diets, training

etc. etc.

• • • only a few examples to give you an impression! • • •


get in contact for your appointment !


A treatment takes about 1.5 hours (CAN$ 110)
by appointment only, Cash and Cheques are accepted


SKYPE-APPOINTMENTS:  Help & therapy around the world: If you have a Skype account or access to one we can have our personal appointment although being at different places.  Skype address:  wohlgemuth-nicola

For new clients: Send an inquiry to my address, so I can add you to my contacts. After that an appointment can be set.



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